Within ISIS, a number of associations constitute the lifeblood of student life.


This is the ISIS students' bureau. The goal of OSIRIS is to create a group dynamic by favoring close ties between students enrolled in different year groups. OSIRIS organizes cultural and sports activities such as movie outings, table football tournaments, the graduation ceremony, orientation week, and more, but also get-togethers of a professional nature and personal support.

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Horus HealthCare System is an association founded in 2010 to create a business dynamic within the School. Horus is part of the Junior-Entreprises movement and applied in 2014 for Pépinière Junior-Entreprise accreditation. It was awarded Junior-Création status in October 2012.

After applying for the following brand name, Horus was registered as "Pépinière Junior entreprise" (a profit-orientated company developed by students) on october 2014.

Horus mainly focuses on the field of engineering systems for the healthcare sector by offering its clients (research labs, healthcare institutions, etc.) services such as:

  • Software development;
  • Deployment of information systems;
  • Website development;
  • Network architectures.

But is entitled to develop projects outside of the Healthcare field.

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Horus sur ; Facebook:/HorusHealthCareSystems et Twitter: @HorusHCS.


EWB Castres promotes civic commitment to the growth of sustainable development throughout the world by raising the awareness of engineers.

A number of activities take place within the School, such as the showing of movies, conferences on serious games, etc. A dedicated space within the School's library offers publications on topics, including international solidarity, sustainable development and fair trade...

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ISIS Alumni is the School graduates' network. The alumni play a role in creating networks for all ISIS students and graduates, allowing former students to stay in contact for business purposes or simply for pleasure.

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The Castres-Mazamet Etudiants students' association brings together students on the university campus and coordinates encounters and gatherings through different activities (sports, cultural, etc.).

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