The university campus offers a full range of food services, accommodation and transportation facilities.

University cafeteria:

The university cafeteria is managed by the Crous, and is open from Monday to Friday between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm (closed during school holidays).




- The university residence

The university campus has 72 furnished studios (with a surface of approximately 17.5m2) with all the comfort students need (kitchenette, separate shower, fiber optic internet access), and a common room, launderette, private parking, etc. This accommodation is allocated as a priority based on social criteria. Rent is approximately €325.56 per month. Contact:

- Accommodation in the city: To help students with their search, the Syndicat Mixte provides a list of accommodation offers for students available either from individuals, real estate agencies or subsidized housing agencies. To see our offers, visit


The urban community of Castres-Mazamet provides free public transportation, Libellus, throughout the community, as well as Mazamet and Aussillon. The schedules for the different routes are available at and

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