ISIS Castres shares the values of the INSA Group and is an INSA Partner school.

Thanks to its membership in the INSA Group as a partner school, ISIS now offers undergraduate courses for the five-year engineering program. Based on its partnership with INSA Toulouse, a post-secondary first-year program - of which 75% of the core curriculum is identical to that of INSA Toulouse - is available as of the fall of 2014.

This program includes a "healthcare" component that prepares for the "pre-orientation" year (second year), also part of the core curriculum with INSA, which leads to the "IT for the healthcare sector" specialization (third, fourth and fifth years).

ISIS will apply the teaching methods, one of INSA's most recognized added values (learning based on problems faced and projects, personal career plan support), throughout the five-year program.

INSA Toulouse's quality standards guide the deployment of this new program in Castres.
Download the program syllabus.




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